Beach Weekend

by The Good Life on September 8, 2014

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Last weekend, was the birthday of Eric Wallis, so we all went to the beach for the weekend.  We stayed down in manzanita, and surfed in short sands for two great days.  Pretty much blows me away every time I go down there.

Along with my picnic partner we have been stepping up our beach game, and nowadays its looking pretty good…



Beer, wine, food, its a decent way to spend the day.IMG_9909


Its pretty much something I never even imagined doing, and so everytime its a pleasant surprise.  It was even actually kind of warm last week.


Someones air game getting real on point….IMG_0079

Down on the beach it was an animal show with the seagulls searching for some food….

Andy Wright and Bruce turned up doing his best game of catch…IMG_9922


Bruce is pretty much on point when it comes to his airs…IMG_9933
Meanwhile back at the campsite, we had a pretty amazing set up, with Ripley in charge of Smores…..

In charge of the fire, we had William Thomas Keating keeping watch.IMG_0170

Long hair don’t care.

William was pretty damn hyped on seeing the stars after sleeping in the tent for the first time.IMG_0198

I brought out my tent, for the first time in about 7 years.  IMG_0201

The only thing with surfing the Pacific Northwest is getting your 5mm wetsuit dry after a surf.  Hence to say any ray of light was being searched out.IMG_0207

These two were loving the weekend out there.IMG_0215

Meanwhile the Poler guys were showing us that we need to up our camp vibes style.IMG_0228

This van they have has a double tent on the roof of it, and space inside too, you could probably sleep about 16 people in this thing.IMG_0232

Meanwhile back at the beach, the surf gang was pretty on point.IMG_9898
Its like an advert for using 5mm wetsuits.

We also had a 6 week old baby on the beach with us.IMG_9957

Rob Aragon and Jess brought their new addition to the beach, and got him ready for adulthood already.IMG_9966


Probably the best part of the day, was seeing Ami Lee teach her friend to surf.  Pretty amazing to see how hyped she was every time her friend caught a wave she was just as stoked as if she just caught a wave herself.IMG_9997


Thank You Oregon.IMG_0134

Another lovely weekend on the coast.



by The Good Life on August 11, 2014

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Last week we snuck a couple of days in Encinitas on our travels.  Without doubt Encinitas has to be one of the nicest areas in California, if not the states.  Good waves, great food, and a nice easy going atmosphere.


On this trip the waves were kind of small, and so I borrowed what turned out to be one of the most fun boards ever, the Baked Potato from Fire Wire.  I haven’t used one before but for 1-2 ft weak waves, it was amazing fun.  Also being built of a kind of epoxy it makes a perfect travel board.


There was a good few foamies out on display too, as you can see on these waves, kinda the best idea.


Wifey is always happy in the sun, and on the beach.  Simple Pleasures.


Strangely enough though, when we were there, it rained one day.  Kinda strange and people were panicking… but we used that downtime to get some nice breakfast of Acai Bowl and Coffee.  Amazing.  This place was Swamis, and funnily enough, I took a good few pictures of our trip there, and I shot this one, and I think it contains a love heart written by a good friend at work.  Pretty small world at times.IMG_9636

Anyways, another nice weekend, and always worth a visit.

You know what she thinks…

Union Station – Los Angeles

by The Good Life on August 10, 2014

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On a recent trip, I decided to ditch getting a cab as normal, and took the train, a form of public transport which in Los Angeles sometimes seems a little uncommon.    IMG_9523

Despite taking the train not being a very common way of traveling in California for most who are addicted to their cars, it is one of the best ways to see the state, and the station especially in LA must be one of the most ornate stations I have ever seen.


Beautifully built, laid out fantastically but quite under used by the public from what I could see.  Thursday morning in London would have been rammed, but here it was pretty relaxing.


As I say, not too much in the way of a line for the train.


One guy just checking it out.


Come up to the light….


Like I say, as you see, its pretty interesting how it looks.


On the way, you definitely get to see a lot of sites including this baseball stadium.


Kind of a relaxing ride.IMG_9554
Take the train.

From Portland with Love.

by The Good Life on August 6, 2014

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5 second shutter speed.IMG_9702
Floating Football.

IMG_9708Winner Stays on the Willamette.


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