Cross Fit Games 2015

by The Good Life on August 6, 2015

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I make no bones about it, I’m new to the world of cross fit, and so after many years attending events in Action Sports to see this was quite an eye opener.


Teams, men, women, the number of competitors and the fact that most are people with jobs on the side and knocking out these unreal workouts is so amazing.


You see people pushing each other to be faster, better, stronger, quicker,


In the team event you would even see athletes carrying each other if their team mates were out of energy.  Part of the team workout consisted on running round the stadium, lifting the worm, i mean this thing was brutal.IMG_8831


The set up is pretty amazing as its on the Stub Hub centre field and tennis court, where LA Galaxy play, and so is good vantage point for spectators.IMG_8909

There was also elements of the team event with men and women synchronised, and the women, you better believe they do the same as the men, no lesser reps or runs, they are going hard out.


This was our guy, Mat Fraser, mid way through coming back from 39th place to second in the murph.


Whats a murph I hear you say…. well…

wear a weighted 25lb vest, run 1 mile, do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run.

Now it was so damn hot also, there was people pretty much passing out on the finish.

IMG_8983The view as your out on the mile run.


Team Invictus going at it.

One of the best things was the fans of each team.  Above you have the sea of green from Invictus, and below 12 labours, who brought the biggest crew of all!



The Rig!IMG_8994

Meanwhile, off the contest side of things, there was a retail village much like X Games, with protein shakes, weights, various energy drinks and a lot of people without much chest hair.  I might go back next year offering a waxing service, you’d clean up…


zero chest hair.


People love a good line to get an autograph too.IMG_8896

Grab yourself a cheeky wheelbarrow for some yard work…IMG_8893

Then in the crowd, people are die hard.  No messing.  Your either Reebok Nano or Nike Metcon.  Nothing else.  seriously nothing.IMG_8805Its like a statement of which side your with and thats it.  its funny as its the only place on earth you don’t see Roshes, Air Max, Converse, or anything else, its just these two.


This couple are in serious trouble.IMG_8803

I guess she can be my WCW this week.IMG_8874

We were lucky enough to have a hotel with seals outside.IMG_9058Barking seals.  Just the way I like it.

Mirror Lake, Mt Hood

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One of the trail heads i have always seen when driving back from Mt Hood is Lost Lake.  Its literally right on the side of the street, and so always wondered whats up there.  Well,


This explains pretty much what the trail leads too, and so for the 5km round trip, its totally worth it.


The hike is pretty nice, although right now with the lack of rain, its super dusty, but its real nice with lots of great views, bridges, instagram spots on the way which is I’m sure why hiking seems to be so in fashion right now.

IMG_8740This is from one of avalanche run of spots on the way, where the snow has ripped trees and the path out, but not for the past few years what with the lack of snow.


The Hiking team has had a big 2015 summer.


Even took the camera out for a quick swim, and got some blokes ugly toes in the way.


Don’t fear anyone, Baewatch is here.  Rocks are no match for my precious feet.IMG_8777Another postcard which didn’t make it past the digital age.
IMG_8752The obligatory Trail Head sign, knowing your in the states.

Pacific City, July 4th

by The Good Life on July 7, 2015

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Sometimes the silence is the best.

I thought that Pacific City really needed two posts.  One for the overblown July 4th car park beach party, and another for the beautiful side of PC.


The guys from StayWild had their #kookout which was a great way to celebrate July 4th.  With their 15 foot high peace sign speaker, hot tubs, tents, free beers and Kampoocha, they had quite the premium spot on the ocean.  They were having a right old day of it with some closeout surfing and giving away the first issue of stay wild.  The best thing was that these guys, were doing a great job of cleaning up, and also had for sunday a clean up planned for sunday which no doubt will help short sands, where I imagine lots of people dropped litter, and set off fireworks with little thought about the clean up which would need to happen afterwards.

IMG_8477The waves were really nice, there is a good sandbar at PC right now, but you need a bigger board for sure.


We camped down at the beach in Woods campground.IMG_8591

Its basic, but has a nice spot and to is protected nicely from the wind.


Our real estate empire is growing by the minute.


It has a great river close by, and is a super affordable spot to stay down by PC.


I spent Friday evening trying some long exposure photography, of the fireworks and Haystack rock.IMG_8571


Jupiter and Venus were also really close this weekend, so it was good for trying it out.  As also with all the cars on the beach it also made for nice light.


We hiked up the ridge along to the cape, and its amazing to see how nice it is over the back.  When we got Tacos, there was pictures of waves hitting this side, and smashing over the rocks to the other side.


It makes a perfect backdrop, for pictures of the wife, and the little one tucked away for a hike in the sun.   Beauty.


Anyways, there was some good rights and a left which I couldn’t really work out but I guess thats learning to surf different waves.


If you ever need a board for mellow waves, the firewire baked potato is without doubt the best board I ever tried.  6’2 with the same volume as a long board.  Such a fun board, and always something you need to have in the locker for Oregon surf.


Thank You Oregon.

Pacific City, Summer Edition, 2015

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After visiting Pacific City a few times through the fall, winter and spring, to come here for Americas’ independence, I was excited to get a 3 day weekend of camping, surfing, and rest from the heat of portland.  As you can see above, the normal set up of 10-20 cars on the beach, was replaced with hundreds of cars packed into this place.


This was the state of the beach.  This guy with his jeep, his shovel and his son digging a hole so the sea doesn’t invade his american stretch of land with BBQ, camp chairs, miller light and all the rest of his july 4th set up.


The I-5 took a detour and was now on the beach, which if you ever want some comedy, please come to the beach in Oregon and watch people get stuck in the sand, driving all sorts of cars and driving 60 yards before realizing their car wasn’t made for driving in two foot of sand.


The beach in all its over packed glory.


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