The Wedding Movie

by The Good Life on July 17, 2014

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With us getting married a couple of weeks back we wanted to have a video to look back on and also share with people who couldn’t make it along.

Thank you to everyone who came along for our wedding day, this shows you how it went in beautiful Zillertal that day.  Thanks so much to Diggles for filming the whole day, thanks to Christoph and everyone at Mountain and Soul, our parents and families for their support, Stylewars and VollGas4 for the amazing music, and all our friends for making the journey to Mayrhofen.  It was lovely to see you all, and thank you for joining us in our special day.  There will be a longer version coming soon also with some amazing music from a special guest and speeches also.

Thanks so much to Diggles for making it happen.


Mareike and Jonathan

Nusa Lembongan

by The Good Life on July 14, 2014

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Towards the end of our trip we were lucky enough to be given a beautiful gift by Melissa, Dragana and Gloria who lives in Bali, a couple of nights staying down on Lembongan.  I have never been here before so was super curious to check it out, and it was a glorious place to visit.


The water is beautifully clean, and really probably gives an indication of how Bali was back in the days.

IMG_8834The streets are single track and no private cars are allowed just vans with open backs and you just all pile in there luggage and all.


The service is pretty great though as they pick you up in Bali, take you to the boat then to your destination and return.  Pretty smooth, they even carry your luggage on the boat through the deep water.

One of the greatest things about Mareike is that she is happy adventuring and seeing the world.  Carries herself with grace, beauty and is always trying to be positive even when as above she is crammed in under my surfboard.


The first day we rented another bike and headed to Mushroom bay where we rented stand up paddles which is super fun, and a good work out.  We went from there to check out playgrounds and some of the other breaks including the small one above which the locals where surfing as the wave hit the cliff and broke from there.

Probably one of the greatest sights on the holiday was these kids, who with the swell building and tide coming in, would jump on any of the loads of fishing boats and then pretend to be sailing in them over the waves.  Pretty sweet to see how much they just played on the boats, wanting to sail themselves.  Below there is a man overboard.


You can see below the reef exposed also.


Mushroom Bay above.


Next day we headed to meet Thomas Harstad and surf at Playgrounds near his hotel.  During Lunch I managed to shoot a few shots of people on lacerations getting well amoungst it.


The water is so beautiful, and it had some amazing waves all within a short boat ride.  Definitely recommend a trip out to lembongan if your down this way!


Sunset there was something else too with the highest mountain in bali in the background.


This was our villa in Lembongan


Not too bad with a pool next to it.  Absoloutely amazing!  We were so lucky on this trip with where we stayed.

This was on Ceningan which is the next island to Lembongan, called secret spot which was a recommendation from Tom West, beautiful and really a magic spot, but with crazy high swell and rip it looked a perfect place for me to get in trouble.IMG_9091

Mareike surveying the beach situation.IMG_8869
Then right by where we were staying this was Sunset beach, including the thing which all beach clubs are searching for now, the infamous pool overlooking the ocean.

Nice for a little evening dinner on the beach, or a Daquiri at least.IMG_9023Whilst we were there it was full moon, explaining why the hell the tides were so crazy high and low.

Water hits rocks.  Always a winner.IMG_9060


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IMG_8586On our trip we were also lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world.  Everything about the place has an amazing feel to it.  The fact that you look down on the surf, the fact you have to clamber down into a cave to walk out to the surf, the fact that surfing it feels like your almost in a gladiator style amphitheater, it just gives you goosebumps.


There are so many amazing spots to look down on the surf.  Right here Mareike looks on, checking out the incoming swell, Bintang in hand.


After watching photographers in snowboarding hike in powder, freeze in deep snow and many more precarious positions, the surf photographers look to have this dialed.IMG_8613

You can buy any manner of stuff from the local ladies who actually gave me and mareike a nice bracelet for when we are surfing so we don’t have to surf with our wedding rings on.



Sunsets are made for this.

I definitely felt on this trip that a lot of Bali has changed and not always for the best when you look at Kuta and its huge shopping malls which are really way over the top and almost vulgar when you see them alongside some of the poverty which is right outside in the streets.

I just hope that Uluwatu and Bingin don’t change much more as they are both clinging to the remnants of older Bali, and so I hope that the government don’t let people build anything they want, because half the time, when they build these malls, and hotels, most of the people who can afford to stay in them, can’t even begin to understand why they are such magical places.  Rant over.




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A few years back we visited Binging on our last trip to Bali and it instantly struck me what a nice place it was.


I found it to be closer to potentially the real Bali than anywhere else i had seen on our trips, so when we were planning our honeymoon, it was a place we had to visit again.  Above the warungs are nicely filled up watching the evening surf going down.


The beach is at the bottom of cliffs which you climb down on a few different routes all which feed through amazing warungs, some offering food, some offering just drinks, and other doing yoga and massage and accommodation also.

IMG_8664Its got an amazing feeling, and is a great place to unwind.
This is the walk down the steps.  Its so beautiful but as with so much of Bali as you get closer to the beach you just hear the waves which can either fill you with dread or hope, depending on your surf level.  On our trip, I was definitely somewhat intimidated having not surfed for a while, and so having the best swell of the year mixed with my rustiness in the water was quite the mix.

IMG_8488Unknown shredding it to pieces.

I have surfed in a good many places luckily enough around the world.  Some better than others but in terms of quality of wave and surfers on it, this place and last monday/tuesday have to be two of the best displays of live surfing I have ever seen.

This is the view across to Impossibles, which was firing also.


Barrel after Barrel after Barrel and your just struggling to make sure you don’t get absolutely smashed on the inside normally.  One guy was even paddling with a guitar and playing it whilst in the barrel.  I was just struggling to keep going out there.


This was from Kellys Warung, AMAZING fish tacos and burgers and these freshly made juices, orange and then another which could have been anything but it tasted amazing.  As a place to watch the surf it doesn’t get much better than this.

IMG_8357Its an amazing spot, you just have to be confident enough clambering over reef in and out of the waves.  I managed to smash my board getting in against the rocks, so the glider was a touch damaged when I got it back in.


So on our trip, Mareike managed to do an amazing job of booking some stunning accommodation, including “Sal – secret spot” run by a lovely couple from Portugal.

IMG_8542 Its a 5 minute walk to the beach, but so nice as your tucked away nicely in a private little villa, with 8 rooms, and so its very intimate.


The rooms are beautifully done, all shaped out of stone, so everything from your room, outside bathroom, swimming pool flow together very nicely.



There is amazing furniture throughout such as this big dining table which is sourced locally in Ubud.  All of the smaller ornaments are actually reclaimed driftwood, which is a great use of the various stuff which gets washed up.IMG_8513

Besides the beautiful rooms, and pool, the grounds are lovely, and you can really relax and unwind here.IMG_8510


They even have a day bed incase you want to be outside for a quick snooze without the sun.IMG_8784


The Pool zone, perfect for a little tanning and book reading.IMG_8789

Its the small things which make the difference.

I’m dreaming of going back for sure…..




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