Summers Back!

by The Good Life on May 6, 2016

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Thankfully after a long winter with a lot of dark and rainy days, we are getting back into the days of summer.  Lenny decided he was ready to get some sun…


He was mad we didn’t bring him a surfboard.


Out on the water for the some people it was great, whilst for mere mortals like us it was quite tough.IMG_2261

On the beach, we had some 4 legged friends too.

This guy put on a demo for us too.


Lenny was enjoying the sand..


and found himself yet another favorite.


one for dad as always.IMG_2340

Funny when you drive back from the beach, not far off you see Mt Hood straight away.
IMG_2271 Anyways, Summer is back so hopefully more of this to come.

Sunday in the Park

by The Good Life on April 18, 2016

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Just thought a few pictures from a nice picnic in the park might be good.IMG_2117

Sometimes the most simple things, are easily the best.IMG_2127Market of Choice take away, some sun and a little tent.IMG_2133

Flying man….!IMG_2152

Could be Gabriel Park or Austria..

Time for a napIMG_2181


The Toffee Club

by The Good Life on April 15, 2016

in Portland


A while back I saw something pop up online about a new football bar in bar called “The Toffee Club”, upon further inspection, turns out it is an Everton fan bar, but with fans of all teams welcome, hence the name Toffee Club.


So last week after the Coffee Cupping, we saw the bar across the street and popped in, what do you know, a friend from work is one of the Everton fans befind the bar.  It is a beautiful space, with a great atmosphere, a few TVs, and one massive screen in a back room.  Of course being a football bar they serve a proper pot of tea.IMG_2064

They also have a great line in breakfast butties, full english breakfasts and a few other delights.


I’m assuming the ground above is Goodison park back in the good old days.  The decor is amazing.  Its part Portland classic bar, part shrine to heroes of the football world.


I mean a bar with a picture of the one and only Neville Southall in his prime.  One of the best keepers in living memory for Everton.


Pete telling us about the panini sticker door/wall tribute.IMG_2080

On the back of Neville Southall, we have stickers of Ian Rush.  Welsh legends unite.IMG_2082 It gets even better.  Gazza, Paul Merson, Duncan Ferguson, Mark Bosnich and George Best.  Its like a who’s who of alcoholic footballers.

They have an opening party this Friday at 6pm, so get down for a couple drinks, and see you there.

Coffee Cupping at Heart

by The Good Life on April 11, 2016

in Portland


Having been a fan of Heart Roasters since we arrived here in Portland, I’ve always been trying to improve my poor coffee game.


As well as being a fan of coffee, I’m also a fan on its owner, Wille, who was one of my snowboarding heroes back in the day.  I used to watch his parts in the Forum movies and Afterbang trying to copy his cab 7s off the toes.  So when we saw the opportunity to try a cupping class in the new roasting facility, we were straight on it.

So stage one you get the beans and then they get ground up and you start by smelling the freshly ground coffee in through the nose (and mouth kind of)


Then boil the water, leave it so it cools to a temperature where it won’t burn the coffee and then pour it over the coffee until it forms a thick film on the top.  Scrape it back, and inhale the flavor then as that seems to be one of the most crucial moments in the process.IMG_2034

Above is Chris the man who took the class and did a great job taking us through the process and explaining the various coffee and how its procured.IMG_2037

We were also joined by John from the department of coffee and social experiments in the UK.  I hope thats the name if I remember correctly.


Its a great way to learn more about coffee, from a place and a person I have great respect for and opened my eyes to a whole new process and appreciation for coffee.IMG_2055

Luckily afterwards we were shown the back of the roasters all the way from the beans which are shipped in, in their green state and depending on their origin, the time between shipping and roasting is a finely directed art.IMG_2057

Then we have the Roaster, made in 1957, where the beans go for 15 minutes, where they turn into the nice dark color you see here, before they get cooled outside and ready for bagging and shipping.


A great way to see one of Portland’s best fine businesses and some of the best coffee in the country.

Here is a previous post with the roaster in its previous location in the shop on burnside.

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