Indian Beach

by The Good Life on May 23, 2016

in America


Last week we decided to head to the beach for a pretty poignant day in the calendar for a little after work mission.  Indian Beach is such a good spot as numbers are limited due to the parking, the waves are pretty fun, and you can park close the beach too.  Its been closed all winter as the road got washed away, which makes you imagine how bad the weather can be at times…


Driving into Indian is memorable with winding roads, amazing trees and some great views out to sea.


We were joined by the one and only Sani Alibabic, who also took these photos, which maybe explains the better quality than I normally have on this blog.


We had ourselves a little picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather watching the surf.


The wife and Lenny blowing bubbles to enjoy the evening light.


There was some amazing waves coming in, if not a little bumpy  but a good few folks were getting in the cave.


Lenny was giving it his eye and getting his dad ready for where to paddle out.


As we were getting ready to paddle out we looked out and saw two or three whales cruising past and up the coast to spend their Summer up north. They were pretty close in, just makes you think what happened if you paddled another 20 yards out and they swam right by.


Never the less, Lenny told me and Sani to get our boards ready and paddle out.  It was good fun, and Sani caught a few amazing waves.


When we paddled out, Lenny had better things to do.

Before we had a little sun down chill on the beach.


The one and only Lenny boy was practicing his flying man skills while Mum practicing bicep curls with some Modela.

Thank you as always Oregon.  And thank you Sani for the amazing photos.

Hood River on a Go Pro 4

by The Good Life on May 12, 2016

in America


This past weekend we revisited another hike we found earlier this year at Mosier.  I thought I’d text out the latest Go Pro and shoot photos on that.


Its pretty amazing to see the quality they have brought to the camera, and also considering its built ideally for filming, it shoots amazing photos.


Yes, Go Pro’s are really good for selfies of me and the little man hiking it up.


It was a beautiful way to spend the weekend, and getting to ride rear seat shot gun with Lenny was quite something.


Some people do this commute every day, so nice, reminds me a lot of austria.


Even managed to take this great photo of Portland at Sundown…


Summers Back!

by The Good Life on May 6, 2016

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Thankfully after a long winter with a lot of dark and rainy days, we are getting back into the days of summer.  Lenny decided he was ready to get some sun…


He was mad we didn’t bring him a surfboard.


Out on the water for the some people it was great, whilst for mere mortals like us it was quite tough.IMG_2261

On the beach, we had some 4 legged friends too.

This guy put on a demo for us too.


Lenny was enjoying the sand..


and found himself yet another favorite.


one for dad as always.IMG_2340

Funny when you drive back from the beach, not far off you see Mt Hood straight away.
IMG_2271 Anyways, Summer is back so hopefully more of this to come.

Sunday in the Park

by The Good Life on April 18, 2016

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Just thought a few pictures from a nice picnic in the park might be good.IMG_2117

Sometimes the most simple things, are easily the best.IMG_2127Market of Choice take away, some sun and a little tent.IMG_2133

Flying man….!IMG_2152

Could be Gabriel Park or Austria..

Time for a napIMG_2181


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