Best Oregon Surfing Ever

by The Good Life on August 20, 2016

in America


I know.  I only seem to post about the coast these days, but honestly, its so damn beautiful, it makes it very hard not too.  This photo above, last sunday night was pretty fun.  Sani paddled in, and I decided on trying to surf the newly crowned Europeak, and quickly realized its pretty much just me out there.  Just embrace it….


So for the weekend, we surfed.  We surfed a lot.  5 times in 4 days.  Above Sani just putting on his demo out there on the dumpster diver.

In between surfs this was pretty much the lunch set up:


There is a lot to be said about having a cheeky wine.  Just gets you a little looser for an afternoon session out there, if you can fend off the sleep.


Yes, I know… its a bit of the company man, but the Shoe Dog book is amazing.  Definitely get a copy.  Like I say, if you can get through the afternoon wine, you can get some of this afterwards.


Still trying to get that bottom turn…. I just need to surf a bit more, but definitely feel like surfing a couple times a month out here has helped no end.


This is pretty much me every time though after surfing.  Trying to fix my back/hip and just feeling generally knackered.


We’ve had some all time sunsets out here recently.  This one, was one for the books.

We then went and found ourselves a little set up camp spot.  Pretty much all time set up.


Tent, Seats, more wine, scores, fire, and some sketchy people camping not far off.


This is one for the wall.

Thanks for the amazing times Oregon, as always delivering.  I am constantly amazed by the beauty of this place.

By the way, most of these photos are from Sani Alibabic, when he wasn’t charging the waves.


Beach Camping

by The Good Life on August 8, 2016

in America

I love going to new beaches.  I think anywhere on earth, each and every beach has something different.  Living in Oregon, we are lucky enough to have some of the most stunning coastline ever.

I’ve wanted to camp on the beach for a few years and so this picture above, taken by the one and only Sani, is pretty special, getting to sleep under the stars.


There is something magical out here.

Its crazy as this could be anywhere.  The weather looks was so good, and with the waves being so fun, it might as well be California.


We didnt camp in this little fort, but whoever made it, seriously good job, as it looked amazing.


Two of my favorites to surf with.


Days like this are the best, posted up on the beach surf, eat, sleep, surf, lose your car keys, and then BBQ.IMG_4389

The one and only Sani Alibabic.  Its funny surfing with Sani.  Whenever we seem to surf, the waves are seemingly always fun.  Maybe its because we have more incentive to paddle out, but it always just seems fun.  Yesterday was one of the greatest days on the oregon coast.

We had the intern gang again, with Ellery and Devon in charge of the seating arrangements around the camp fire.


I was chief fire builder.


Definitely not the lead singer of the band though.

Although I was a dab hand at the wine distribution.


And the Oregon Coast delivered the goods on sunset.


Finally got to use the napsack in all its glory.


I havent camped on the beach before, but it is so a good experience, so nice and fun.

I tried this photo using a long exposure too.


Lets just say the evening looked a little nicer than the morning.


Thank You Oregon.

Rockaway Beach

by The Good Life on August 8, 2016

in America


This is probably one of my favorite views in Oregon, high above Manzanita.  Last weekend, we managed to sneak away for a weekend in Rockaway Beach


With it being Summer that means its intern season, and this year we had the one and only Ellery Hollingsworth come back to Nike, after being an athlete with us, she returned to take on the corporate world.  Her boyfriend Spencer came over for the weekend, so we got all amongst some surfing, some home cooked food, some card games and lots of laughs.


Ellery has taken to playing this 3 string guitar, which I think is a ukulele, but I guess its something else actually.  Every song she plays, it basically goes “anything goes, anything goes, anything goes”.


Besides the beach, we also did the Nea Kah Nie hike, where the first image came from.


Its pretty epic.


We saw this Banana slug too.  Apparently if you lick it, your tongue will be numb for 8 hours.


We also had a family of deers living in the field next to our house.

A trip to the beach in Oregon can even look pretty magical.


Thank You Weekend!



by The Good Life on July 20, 2016

in iceland


Last week, we were very lucky to visit one of the worlds most beautiful places and also most on trend these days.


The country of Lava rocks, regular rocks, lakes, volcanos and in summer never ending day light.


There are also geysers, which are still working over 100c.


Sometimes they change by the day as did this one which kind of exploded one day, with a walkway getting burnt and sucked into the geyser.

The shipping world is pretty full on here too.

I’m sure this is from the end of Star Wars when they met up with Luke Skywalker again.IMG_4103

Ah the sunsets.  This was at 11.30pm. I thought this would be it, but it went really quick down.


These two guys were out just taking a little cruise in the evening.

More photos to come…

Cheers to you France.

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