Pacific City – Oregon at its Best

by The Good Life on November 18, 2014

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Pacific City, Oregon, November 16th, 2014.


I thought I should start by stating the date, as my mind is constantly blown by how nice the seasons in Oregon can be.  The onset of Fall and Winter, whilst its abrupt change from long, warm sunny days, there is something to be said for getting wrapped up warm and getting out in the elements.  Especially when the elements are blue sky, clear water, good waves and offshore winds.

This weekend we headed to the beach for Colleen Quigleys birthday, who celebrated her 30th.  In that shimmering blue water is about 8 good looking people posing as shark bait.


Coleen, Leanne and Hannah getting at it.


This was our view waking up.  Yes, it takes a while for my eyes to focus in the morning.  It was seriously one of the most amazing views ever to wake up to though.


There is something amazing about being by the ocean which probably stems from spending week after week by the beach in Wales, which looks a lot like Oregon (and the water is just as cold).


Like I say, the waves this weekend were amazing.  The wind was kind, and with a good crew it made for an amazing bit of surfing.  Before you say it, yes my camera has something on the lens.  I am no pro, but yes, cleaning up the camera once in a while would have been a good idea.


Mornings haven’t looked this good in a while over a coffee.


In the water things were looking good.


People had head the rumors about the crew getting in the water, so there was a heavy media presence on the beach.IMG_2294

Meanwhile our surf team was just as focused on the warm up as the surf…  Those old legs need stretching….


Like I said earlier, great weather, good swell, it doesn’t get much better.  This was an unidentified ripper who seemed to be on every single wave on sunday morning.  Crusher.


The morning surf check crew.  Ami (yellow card Ami) and Cale.

IMG_2291Cale Meyer, amazing snowboarder, great bloke and good person to go surf with.  As you can see below, he was just oh so eager to pull in and wet the babies head.  This is the during.IMG_2537

This is the after,


and this is the feeling everyone knows once they have finished surfing and then eaten their own body weight in food.  Nothing else compares to the after surf snooze.


Whilst talking of him, this photo below shows some of the waves, very very fast, and lots of offshore wind.  This was Cale, but I had exactly the same.


On my first wave on sunday I took a wave and then swam back up and next thing…. the board lands on my head…


That blood means that the final score was Board 1 – 0 Me.


After my injury, I headed for a walk with the wife instead and did some exploring to the cliff tops here.


Its amazing how colorful the rocks are here…


And after the horror stories I heard about the water being dark and murky, this weekend shows me how clear and beautiful it was.


I also really enjoy taking pictures of surfing from a different angle to the beach.  I’d love to be able to shoot from a heli or something on a big swell, it must be insane.


Surf Addict joined us sunday too to throw himself in the cave.


I just got this new wetsuit from Hurley which is only a 4’3 but kept me just as warm as a 5’3 which is amazing as its way more flexible and stretchy which you can imagine helps with those slow old office arms.  Being thinner means it dries out quicker.


Which should help me getting in this position.  I was convinced this was Aidan at one point… I’ll let him have it.

The one and only Eric Wallis who brought “lasagna with a street value of $22″.  Amazing stuff!

On saturday night, waiting for Ami to finish surfing I was actually just lying in the sea as it was warmer than the air.  If you know the cold water in Oregon, you know how cold the air was.  Absoloutely freezing… i didn’t have gloves on either so it made it a cold walk back to the house.

The woman herself.  The team captain of cramp vibes and surf explorer.


Thank You Colleen and the gang for a great weekend!IMG_2190Thank You Oregon.


Portland falling into Autumn

by The Good Life on November 10, 2014

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Every year in Portland around this time, at some point I always want to spend a day enjoying autumn and just taking some photos.  The colors are amazing, the light is great and whilst living by the beach and warm sunshine day in day out would be great I do enjoy the changing of the seasons.


There is something amazing about this time of year.


As you can see, she can’t wait either….


The trees are always either yellow,


or red,


or german.


I don’t normally post photos of myself, but with this hat on I thought it deserved a bit of a spotlight.


Portland always looks good…


We were up in Mt Tabor, and its like an amusement park for runners, bikers, hikers, power walkers and doggie walkers.


And stair runners!IMG_2026

Thats right.  This way please to Spider man.

You see…?

We ended up playing some golf at the end of the day, and the sunset was insane, so beautiful.

Thank you Portland.IMG_2151

Rose City Futsal

by The Good Life on November 10, 2014

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My love for football has never been in question through my life, but before moving to Portland I definitely had a few hesitations as to whether portland would be a place that I could get my fix but thankfully due to the Timbers and Thorns live football is alive and well, and then watching the Swans on TV is now like a dream thanks to NBC Sports who are doing a better job than Sky Sports these days.  Playing football at work has also been pretty amazing, but when I got asked to play Futsal I was interested to learn more.  After all a game played skillfully, fast, on the floor didn’t sound like something my central defensive skills would be suitable for.]IMG_2011

Since playing though it has been the best thing ever, amazing community kind of style, with hundreds of teams, all full of committed amazing players.  We have a mens team consisting of legend after legend including Wille Yli Louma, Ami Voutilainen, Bobby Meeks, Bryan Fox, Chris, Sam and Sven we have got the team turning out.  We try our best week in week out and whilst the results aren’t always the best we give our all.

IMG_2008The great thing is that its a place you can go 7 nights a week to meet people, play football, and just have a good time.  Its an amazing facility they have, which is an idea they could and should spread to other parts of the country because there is so much interest in football these days, it could work really well especially in other hotbeds like seattle, vancouver, new york, salt lake and LA.  Thankfully though we have one for the time being, and so twice a week we get out and have a good game.  This mens team is called Heart breakers after the coffee shop owned by Wille.


As I say…. we play on two teams.  The other is “cramp vibes” run under the watchful eye of head coach Colleen Quigley who takes time out of her schedule managing one of the heaviest snowboard teams around, to look after a Division 4 portland Futsal team.  The Coed team is amazing fun, we have some great players, and intact the girls are so good that last week, we played just with 4 girls on the pitch for a while when all the fellas took a rest.  They scored some screamers!  Above Colleen gives Ami coaching whilst he runs for goal.


Mareike also played again in her 3rd or 4th turn out and scored her first goal too.  Hot on the heels of germany winning the world cup she is doing her best at a german women’s team push here at rose city.


Ami, the manager, head coach, physio, tactician, referee diplomat and also “finisher” on our team.  Ami has been playing for a couple of years and the ways he plays these days you think if he had been playing football back in the day he might have done that instead of being a pro snowboarder.

IMG_1970The other great thing to see at Rose City is that they have so many kids playing, and the great thing is all the kids are focused on keeping the ball down, passing, shooting, skills and just enjoying football.  I think any kids who play futsal at a young age would have such an advantage on older kids because it teaches such great close control.

Donovan Ricketts the timbers keeper came to watch a game too,  yes those kids are small but Ricketts probably stands at 12 foot 3 here…. Complete with wood saw.


Seriously if this kind of facility could be rolls out around the country and even the world it would be amazing.  It gives such a fantastic opportunity for people to play enjoyable, skillful, honest football all year long in a safe amazing environment.  Thank you guys who built this place, its amazing!


by The Good Life on November 6, 2014

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This weekend we headed up for Halloween to Vancouver a place we have always wanted to visit, but for some reason until the wife came home, we never got round to visiting.


Of course when in Vancouver there is always one person you have to see, the amazing Spencer O’Brien.IMG_1818

Vancouver is a beautiful city and thankfully we got some amazing weather which after a real rough portland week it was most welcome.IMG_1819

Of course there was an airport right down town, which even included a Vancouver whitecaps water boat.

Autumn in the NW, is something else, its so nice, and so expect a lot more photos coming up in the next few weeks from Portland.


See no evil, speak no evil, laugh no evil??IMG_1859

This building is actually based upon a syringe.  The architect always builds buildings based upon real world objects and apparently when he was laying out the plans and found a syringe and hence made himself a building based on it.

This looks like the lego people who have set up a beach side vacation.

We found 3rd beach, which is apparently the hipster beach.  We even found a couple of bikes down there grabbing some autumn sun rays.IMG_1878

The gang, Spencer, Leanne, Mareike and Skye our gang for a lovely walk around the island followed by Coffee and not quite enough cake!IMG_1882
Spencer and Mareike having a little romantic minute by the 3rd beach.

Being an old British colony, they wear poppies at this time in year, and also have beautiful memorials like in the UK.IMG_1914

We had a couple of great nights out there too, which was worth the trip itself.

What are you looking at?
IMG_1930Spencer gave me this print, which was one of the nicest things ever to receive such a nice gift.  It was also one of my favorite trips to Montafon for The Chosen, and that redirect was easily one of my favorite features of the season.  This was Spencer with the most epic backside 3 ever.  Thank you Spencer your the best!

Amazing weekend!  Canada you rule!

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