A Day at the Beach.

by The Good Life on September 8, 2015

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I’ve made a few of these videos recently and they quite nicely frame up how a day on a trip to the beach can be here in Oregon.

Beautiful morning.

Ground Zero

by The Good Life on September 5, 2015

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I remember September 11th 2001, pretty well.  I was at home, about to drive to Bristol, on a Tuesday.  Next thing you know, I put the TV on before leaving home, and was left as most people were pretty dumb founded.  Watching the twin towers burning, was quite surreal, and having never been to New York, I thought when I finally manage to, I should go and visit.

Above is the area which is where one of the twin towers used to stand, and now has the visitors exhibition underneath it.


The picture above shows the New York skyline, just a few minutes before impact.  It really is very odd to think that within 2 hours, the twin towers had fallen.


Within two hours, we were left with solitary pieces of the original architecture.  This was seen as a very monumental piece because it was removed very carefully from the ruins, and so it has handwritten notes all over it, with pictures of fire fighters and members of the public lost.


Michael F Lynch, remembered here, amoungst other, a firefighter who lost his life that day was one example of unbelievable bravery.


One of the most moving sights at the memorial, is Ladder 3, one of the fire trucks that came to help on the day.  Led by Captain Patrick “Paddy” Brown, he led two teams to the north WTC.  The time of the attacks was in the changeover between two shifts, and so all the men from the previous shift and those about to start went to the WTC and headed into the North building which had already been struck by a plane, and was burning, and less than an hour from collapsing.  He got his team to the 40th floor from where they called from an office land line, and called to their fire house “ladder 3, reporting in, on the 40th floor, and we are still going up”.

They didn’t make it out alive.


There are reminders all around, and each and every firehouse, has stark reminders of how many of their crews lost firefighters.


As is ever the way in big cities, you always find some people who are real characters. This guy was singing away, and basically handing out free education to anyone passing by.  He was singing “History, its not a mystery, you gotta learn that history.”  He was then singing about the number of people and firefighters killed, and how many planes hit.

Downstairs in the exhibition, there is a really nice piece of art, where 1600 artists where asked to paint the color blue as they remember it that day.  It makes you realise how different people have memories of the same thing, and they are hoping to ensure everyone remembers those lost that day.

IMG_9281Sometimes seeing these exhibitions or memories, it doesn’t feel that real, but riding my bike around the city I went by a fire house, and saw these guys prepping their truck.  Crazy to think that at any moment they might have to rush into a burning building or house.


They have done a great job of making something beautiful as a rememberance of the day with the two pools with everyones names included. 

As one last picture, I took one in color, of the new world trade centre.  Its quite unreal what they have built in 14 years.    I’m sure there are scenes with video from this angle, so quite eery to see it now.

The only thing I find very odd though, is that a 3rd building collapsed that day.  Now building 7, collapsed because of fire, but you don’t see any word, or anything of it at all.  They also recycled all the materials very quickly.  Thats the only strange element i felt.

Otherwise, a very very moving tribute to an event which shaped the world in which we live these days.

New York in Color

by The Good Life on September 5, 2015

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Brooklyn Bridge (I think).  I managed to sneak me a bike for a while whilst in New York, and after doing so over in San Fransisco, this was the only way to see some of the city.


On my bike, I managed to find me a shop to buy a little something for the bump on its way to make his debut.


This could quite easily be in Portland.


I managed to go visit The Saturdays at their NYC home, and funnily enough I bumped into Corey from work hanging outside.  What with the US Open being in town, there was a lot of people who just so happened to be at an offsite or a meeting that week….IMG_9305

I also managed to grab a quick lunch with US Olympic hopeful, the one and only Miles Chamley Watson, the man about town in the west village.


The other thing I saw whilst I was in New York was lots of (I believe) Chinese older people doing their morning stretches under the bridge down by the financial district.  I saw this in San Fransisco also, and its amazing to see as  many of these people are no doubt going to be fit as a fiddle when they get older.

The guys at Nike SB maybe this was, have been doing a great job, of taking over everything in New York.


Under the brooklyn bridge it was a mellow morning but this place must go off in the afternoon.IMG_9311

On the way back to the airport, I gave myself an hour and a half, but the traffic from lower east side to JFK had other ideas, and it took near on 2 hours to go 12 miles or whatever it is. Thats why I live in portland.  PDX and its wonderful carpet is seemingly 20 minutes from everywhere, check in takes 10 minutes and then you can have pork pork wings.

New York City

by The Good Life on September 4, 2015

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Somehow in all the travel I have been lucky enough to be on over the last 10 years one of the cities I haven’t been through before is New York.  Luckily enough, I finally got the chance this week, and so besides work I went about with my camera, shot some black and white, some color and some more black and white. Lets get things kicked off here for now.  Empire State Building from 5th avenue, by the apple store.  Respite from a weary day of walking, respite, wifi and phone charging.


Going to a new city walking around is always good to see it, but I think I’m sold on a bike from here on out.  Means you can see everything.  I did take the subway a few times but thats hot and I kept getting lost.


There is something very iconic about the font they use here on the subways, its been used a lot before and comes in and out of style, but its pretty timeless.

Its like 4 biggie lyrics right there.


Bro, just skate every damn day.  I even saw one long board shop in the city.

Union Square was a pretty interesting area, kind of like mini portland.  Lots of people doing their thing.IMG_9192

I guess thats the only thing with a major city, its quite hard to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Down by the river its one of the places to work out, stretch and run.  I was biking and trying to not get lost.


I want to say this is Brooklyn Bridge but i might be wrong…IMG_9240

Went by here, but didn’t stop for any shopping.



Its quite a cliche, but after seeing the Sopranos, I was amazed at how many trucks I saw.  That was the racket they had going right?IMG_9132

A couple of ways of looking at the same thing.


More tomorrow!

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