by The Good Life on April 26, 2009

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With all the snow gone aswell, and thanks to Mandie Fresh at DNA, Jiggaman is now rolling on some habitat love.  So after a few years break we started up on the skateparks again.  I have been so impressed with the facilities on offer around here now.  

Henry Rock Fakie
In Zillertal we have a skatepark at the Horberg, 1 in Aschau, then there is a new 1 in Jenbach, or Jen-beach as we were told its ghetto name, a new one in Tivoli, and the mini bowl by the airport.  Amazing how many sick parks there are around here.  

Mack Dawg getting it done
Its such a nice way to cruise around in Summer on a skateboard, and although I am amoungst the worlds worst skaters, its great fun, and maybe some more time through Summer I can get on it.  Little T shortly before someone robbed his skateboard.  Thieving smoking kids.

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