Ku De Ta

by The Good Life on May 30, 2009

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Melissa about to work the beach bar

After Rafting, Mark, Gary and I loaded the bikes up and headed to Ku De Ta a very posh part of Seminyak for some sunset surf.  Mark got easily the best wave of the trip so far nearly getting Barreled.  He was killing it, I got a couple but had some issues, with getting stuck just where it was breaking on me bonce time and again.  Good fun though and then the Blume twins met us for some drinks to finish up.  We met Steve Gruber in the water who is one of the best surfers I ever saw in Real Life.  After some dinner we then headed to the Bali Camp which is sponsored by Gravis and Analog so we went to say Hello and have a few cocktails and some break dancing.  The rain kicked in again on the ride home, nice and fresh but didnt stop me feeling a touch weary this morning….

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