Banging at Bingin

by The Good Life on June 1, 2009

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The Classic Postcard shot
This is what Bingin is known for.  Small warungs, huts on the beach serving some food, beers and cheap accomdation.

After Dreamland delivered perfect beach bronzing conditions, and some junk in the trunk to stare at we decided to make haste only 500m around the coast which of course using Bali roads, takes a good 15 minutes.  If you could drive on the beach you would get round this place in minutes….

Gadge checking out Miss Hundbichler
Rupo “I might live here, under this T Shirt.  I dont need much else”
The walk down to the beach.  On arrival these old ladies greeted us and offered to carry our boards, decling there offer we headed off into what looked like deepest Zillertal.  Cows and shizer everwhere.  You walk down these steep steps, through some huts then arrive in someones Warung or to us cafe kinda thing.  
Each looks out to the surf.  And the surf is amazing.  A sick barrelling left on big days.  We even saw a few big ones, but I kept myself on the mid sized ones, and had without doubt the best wave of my life.

This is the one just after it, but it was epic, peeling away, and super fast.  I even developed a claw and some tuck Knee for added measure..
Cant wait to go back.  The reef is beautiful and the water is warm and clear so you can see the bottom easy 🙂  Great Day.

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