Bingin and Balangan

by The Good Life on June 6, 2009 · 1 comment

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We loaded up yesterday and headed for Bingin again. This is definitely my favourite wave so far, its been quite small but for me its perfect fun. Peels nicely and when you ride the waves you look down and the reef is shining back up at you. Probably its pretty sharp judging by some stories we heard though….

We had a nice lunch of BLT in a warung looking over the beach then chilled a while before swimming under water with goggles on to look at the fishes!

The next stop was Balangan where we had one of the funniest trips ever, the road was closed so we had to drive through fields, down rocky streets. Mark even broke his board rack at one point.

Here are some pics that Mark took,

There were hundreds of little pools from the reef where you could swim in super warm water. Amazing…. We managed a quick surf at Ku De Ta on the way back, but due to the fumes on the bike, I had a bad headache and so wasnt really on it. Oh well….

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