Birthday Celebrations!!

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Much like the queen due to the timing of our Holiday we moved my Birthday forward a month to June 2nd, so we could celebrate in Bali.  After a 5am wake up call for an early morning surf we retreated for some serious sun by the pool, before an afternoon of surfing and some baseball/rounders/cricket on the beach.  There was a lot of speed tennis played aswell in the sun.  It was scorchio!


Check out this dudes STEEZ

Mareike getting it done

Mareike, Melissa and Emily got their surf on and all we on fire cruising to the beach everytime.    Me and the boys were trying to drop in on some big close outs, in amoungst the crowds.  Great fun still…
After a quick shower it was back to the beach for some sunset beers with our new friends the guys who work on the beach.  A localo guy also came up and played the Guitar for us, and honestly this guy is amazing, he would win a singstar world championship, he humms like a machine, but just doesnt know any words to songs.  Luckily he even knew “99 luftballons” and so our German speakers jumped to it and sung away.
We headed over the street for Dinner to the amazing Blue Ocean, and a good lot of cocktails.  We all had various fish and lots of Arak, and for the first time no one finished dinner, possibly because everyone was a bit tipsy by then. 

 After dinner some presents made their way on to the table.  They were so amazing, so much thought went into it all, Tom, Gary, Mark, Emily and Sylvia got together and got me a little engraved surfboard and a Bintang Vest so I can now look like a local.  There was also an amazing chess set, so now me and Emily can continue waging war on each other over the chess board 🙂  

Me and the Mrs stoked on my presents!!! Thanks again!

Saying a wish

Then they had also bought the pictures of us from whitewater rafting, and amazingly cut out everyone and put us all in one boat together!  So sick… such an amazing present, it really meant the world, and so with a huge cake to finish it off, there was nearly tears, and definitely a lot of kisses for the gang.  
Epic Friends.
We then jumped in some “taxi” who had t0 move the subwoofer in the boot to fit us all in and he then blazed up some techno/house and due to the saki we started rocking the car literally.  Must have looked like it was up on switches it was bouncing so much…

The Taxi Ride Dreams are made of…

Melissa shaking it

We then rolled to the bar in town for some more drinks and of course Melissa was straight on the stage dancing and in the next bar Tom got on the drums again, but got taken off after a couple of songs as his right handedness on a left handed set mixed with his boozyness didnt really work out.

I had to press the escape button after a while and get some sleep.
An amazing day and even better Night!
Thanks everyone for an unforgettable Birthday!!

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