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by The Good Life on June 21, 2009

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On Holiday, Planes, and various times spent relaxing on my Balcony here, I have recently read a couple of interesting books. The first one is already legendary amoungst those wishing for a different way to work. Obviously its all dependent upon your job, and outlook on life, but it basically tries to get you to reduce office time in front of the computer to 4 hours a week.

Whilst it actually sounds pretty out there, think about it, in terms of being creative whilst away from the evil computer. Think also, if you didnt have myspace, facebook, twitter, skype etc and when you turn on your computer you just work, how much you could do. I have recently started one of the authors ideas, that you only check emails at 11am and 3pm, then you reply to everything and shut it down again. Actually works good.

That is unless you work in an organisation where sitting at the desk from 9-5 is more important than the productivity. There are plenty out there…..

The second book is called The Magic of Thinking Big. It gives over the message to set your goals much higher than you normally do, and its pretty interesting to change your goals, and start thinking of yourself as what you want to become. What you think you become. So you wanna become town mayor, start thinking it. Real Estate investor, start thinking like it. Its actually pretty interesting how much sense it makes.

It also gives over the message to not be intimidated by others, for example when we went surfing, last year I was always a bit in awe of other surfers but then if you just think the majority are beginners, intermediate on holiday, then there should be no reason to fear anything, and the others are probably just as much in awe of me as I am of them. Make sense?

Anyways, read some books. They are way better than lame tv shows, lame celebrity magazines, and you might actually learn something 🙂

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