Flying Home

by The Good Life on June 11, 2009

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After an amazing, unforgettable 3 weeks in Bali, it was time for us to fly back to reality.  Or could Bali become a reality.  I would love to stay here for a Summer, or for a year or something, that would be amazing.  I am so jealous of Mark and Gary as they are staying to surf another month now.

Getting my snooze on….
We flew back via Bangkok where I went to “Chang” an amazing massage place, where this woman, basically wrestled me for an hour, cracked every joint in my body, put in a positions to make you wince, and I came out the otherside, feeling like a new born baby.  Next time your headed through Thailand, get a massage, they are so worth it.

This is the view from the runway in Bali, looking out at Kuta reef.
Thai airways once again provided us with great food and drink including after dinner Brandy.  Unfortunately the inflight entertainment is pretty beaten, and the movie they showed was probably a straight to VHS back in the 80s.
This was our ride from Bali to Bangkok
Otherwise all was good, we were met by Mareikes family friends, who had the car whilst we were away, and so we met them for some breakfast and then the 5 hour drive home could commence.
Jimbaran Bay from the sky
Thank you everyone, for an amazing time.  Definitely cant wait to visit Indonesia again, go surfing again, see the world again.  Holidays are good as they make you see the world through a clear mind, one which means you can see things much clearer.

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