by The Good Life on June 13, 2009

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So we got home on Thursday, headed to work on Friday and had one of those feelings since our return of “hmmmmm, what now? Another year in the office?”

Going on a Great Vacation is much like doing a season, you cant wait for it, you enjoy every minute of it so much it ends up going way too fast, and then you hit reality with a bump on day 1 again.
The feeling of wunderlust is one which I’m sure many people must feel.  Am I doing the right thing? where am I headed? even the dreaded what do i want to be when I grow up?  I doubt I even know that now.  All I know is that living somewhere with either surfing or snowboarding close by, is pretty important, the thought of not having that would be hard.  
The Summers in Zillertal are beautiful, but unless your easily pleased keeping yourself occupied it can be quiet, but well, you need to have some plans up your sleeve, which I will reveal soon, but yes you need to be happy spending a day, running, reading, sun bathing, listening to music, and generally chilling as I have done today.
I would love to live somewhere like Bali for a while.  Many of the books I keep reading, suggest changing your outlook on life.  So instead of listing reasons, living somewhere like that are impossible, or saying “I cant, its not possible” think to yourself “how can i make this a reality?”
The question is then a matter of thinking up the ways of making it happen.  Well I managed to go from school to being a headchef in a year without any training, so anything is possible.  I also learnt German, and French without much formal education in either.  So the how is definitely a task to plan on……
Self centred ramblings over, thats enough of that for everyone….
More normal stuff tommorow

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