The Bali Kiss

by The Good Life on June 10, 2009

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Ah the much vaunted Bali Kiss.  Everyones nightmare scenario upon entering Bali.  Well after refusing to set foot on a bike for the first 2 days, I soon took the plunge and rented me a 2 wheeler.  Even got Mareike on the bike!

Well the first corner I took I managed to crash due to Marks over zealous bike training, so that wasnt a good start.  From there on in though, it was all good with nearly 900 kms being clocked in 3 weeks!  Loved it.  However last Friday night in a dash to get Gary to the photo shop in time, I was whizzing around the traffic in Kuta, and spotted a parking space.  So I went straight in, but there was sand on the street and I managed to press break and gas at the same time and go straight into a Taxi.  The Bike then kinda dry humped the taxi for a while before this well built taxi driver comes over and takes the keys of course then demanding money…
So whilst I try and wrestle the keys back and the bike of the ground I managed to stick my calf against the exhaust, and this was the result….. Oh and I had to pay the guy 1 million rupiah (about 50 quid)  
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger…

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