by The Good Life on June 2, 2009

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Much like riding the 2 big jumps in Mayrhofen only to stop on the 3rd big one, to get yourself mentally ready, we visited Uluwatu after Dreamland and Bingin in order to get in the mood for it.  Again, no signs to get there just our internal GPS system, and we arrived for the most beautiful sunset watching some of the worlds best surfers rip up one of the worlds best spots.  Getting out looks hard, getting back in looks harder (between some caves, with rocks and coral everywhere anyone???) Then the waves are shallow but they look epic.  Peeling left handers with names such as Racetrak and Peak.  These are serious and they are going to require serious surfers.  Maybe when Cyril from Burton gets here he can tackle it with Gadge and Rupo….

Epic to watch and cant wait to go back again!
Jiggaman, King of the jungle
Surfers getting ready for the ride of their lives.
The Lone Ranger on his trusy Steed,  Gravis Product Placement thank you very much.

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