by The Good Life on June 10, 2009

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As the culmination of our trip me and Rupo decided to jump back on the bikes and head for the Nusa Dua peninsular and the world famous Uluwatu. There were two reasons for this 1. It was fairly small everywhere else, and so Uluwatu would definitely have some swell (although thankfully not a big as normally) oh and it was high tide so possibly 4 reasons right there…. and 2. We have seen so many videos, pictures etc it seemed only fitting that the last day of the trip should be devoted to such a pilgrimage.

On the way after we reached the airport I started hearing the beep beep from Marks ride, and at first I thought this just idle banter as is the way on the 2 wheeled rides, but in fact the big mans big had sprung a leak, and got a flat. We stopped at a couple of garages both who just gave him more air before the shell garage (well man) figured out a solution. He nipped off for a new wheel for us, and on retunring 30 mins later we were off! Good man. and only cost 3 euros.

We contiunued driving and reached the famed spot around high tide, and made our way down. Its amazing you walk through all the warungs and small stores, before getting on the steep steps and paddling out through the cave. Even on a small day at High Tide its pretty wild at first getting bashed around towards the rocks with the reef smiling up at you.
Soon enough we were out back, nervous but stoked, then before you knows it we look up and a perfect peeling wave is coming our way with the words Ruparelia on it, so he turns and scores a beauty. Next thing I look up except this way saves “Jiggaman this is yours dont mess it up with you rubber boots on!” Luckily the reef booties didnt hold me back and off I was on the face of a decent wave in Uluwatu, staring down at the reef below, stoked on the whole thing. We scored a good few waves, probably the wave counter was around 10 each beforewe called it a day and got some scram down us.
An epic day to end the surf on. Really Happy we decided on getting some waves here, cant wait to get back here!!
Thanks to the waves of Bali you have been amazing!

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