Eos 40-D

by The Good Life on July 6, 2009

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My Parents visited the good town of Mayrhofen this weekend, co-inciding with my Birthday, and so we had some nice lunches on the balcony, stories about my parents honeymoon, and a lot more banter besides.  My dad had his 40-d Camera with him, which although looking pretty war torn, well he has been around the world a good few times, and bribed a good few security guards with his trusty camera in hand, it has seen its fair share of action.

With my camera out of action i used the opportunity to take a few nice pictures of Mayrhofen.

My Parents taking the load off.  They have been busy so they deserve it.

This is how much it rains here.  It was short grass just yesterday 🙂

This is how our lounge is looking now.  I am so happy with how this place looks and feels.

This is the view from our terrace.  What a beauty.

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