by The Good Life on July 10, 2009

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Now I know British people are famous for talking about the weather, as “we get a lot of weather for a small island” now come on. Austria I tell you, has got some strange weather. In winter we have beautiful snow everywhere, then in March it seems that Summer comes for 2 months and its sunny most days, which is great, then by the time June comes its so warm that we start getting thunder storms every afternoon, then by the time July comes, Summer has waved its white flag and we are destined to be under a cloud base with rain tipping down every day. Honestly it has rained here everyday since we got back from bali nearly a month ago. Maybe a couple of days of sun, but that would be at a push. It has been horrible.

Then this morning, I woke up to yet more.

I even had to bring the balcony plants in, they have had enough.
Cheers all, have a nice weekend!!!

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