The Refurb

by The Good Life on July 10, 2009

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So since I came back home from Bali, I have been working on a few things and nown my Summer has now a new direction…… 
This was the before…
The bedroom

The Lounge with the worlds biggest storage unit
The Kitchen, with some nasty fake lino tiles.

and so today work started!
This is now the After
The first task was the kitchen getting out of there…
So then we worked for 3 hours, and within that time made some serious progress
Like a slasher movie…. With Eli on the blade…
Go on get stuck in!!!! Put your foot into it
There we go, a lego house…

This is from the kitchen, now without a kitchen, and no bedrooms so far.  Tommorow I will start cleaning and then rebuilding the next walls.
Its such a good feeling seeing the results of what your doing!  Keep checking for updates!
Have a great weekend!

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