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by The Good Life on August 22, 2009

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After being away for the last two weeks in the states and in the UK, and then a very busy week at the program, Saturday meant back to the new appartment for some more renovations.  Since last time lots has been done, as you can see now we have the rooms all laid out, with plasterboard and Electrics have been done (well all the cables are in place for the fittings).  Tom Kingsnorth has been 2nd mate on the refurbishments under the guidance of Eli… doing a great job!

This shows the way into the bedrooms, which will have a glass window coming in the right hand panel.
The Radiator will be out and then on the wall there will come the TV and everything.
This is from outside into the bedroom, which was the lounge, and the space above will also have a glass panel.
The Gravel Pit was our workspace today, and we took half a ton of concrete to the recycling!  Half a ton! For only 25 euros.

This will now be the kitchen/lounge….. Looks nice…
So far it has been a lot of work, but good to have a project like this.

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