Burlington Friday Night

by The Good Life on August 9, 2009

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So after a good week in the office (well at man camp in Killington) we last night hit Burlington for a boat trip booze cruise thing.  The event was themed after Point Break so we decided upon muscle vests for our pigeon chests and boardshorts and thanks to Anon, some new sunglasses, they also had a pretty good place set up for pictures, as you can see here with Burlington homeboy Damien, who does Marketing at the program in the states.

We got back onshore at 1pm and then after a few phone calls, ended up hitting a house party down in town somewhere.  It was full college style, with keg party, underground drum and bass room, and lots of Americans getting wild.  We stayed only a while and then got home for some poker before falling asleep at the table i was so tired after the week.

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