I’m on a Boat!

by The Good Life on August 10, 2009

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So Saturday morning I was up early for a nice run, then after a good lunch (i seem to have eaten constantly since landing in Montreal) there was rumours of a boat trip so Nick, the Captain took us out on his 23 foot cruise liner. Nick doesn’t have a first mate yet, but everyone seems to be vying for the job. We sailed off into the lake champlain, and sailed for a while before we managed to stop in a flat spot without a touch of wind. Quite a problem… So we hung there for a while, went swimming, drunk some beers then tried to navigate back to shore. Tired and Hungry we then ate again before falling asleep watching shark week on the Discovery Channel. The place i stayed though was above a night club so unfortunately I couldnt sleep for ages….

Oh well… alles gute in the Burlington hood….

dont worry i dont smoke a pipe…. just for the look.  I do however drink beer.  And in the sun, it is punishing….
this is perhaps the best dive of all time…
The team on the man meat side of the ship… Damien, Captain Nick, long john silver and first mate Chris.

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