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by The Good Life on August 18, 2009 · 6 comments

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On Thursday, only 36 hours after leaving Munich (en route from Burlington) it was back in the Mondeo and down the road to the airport again.  The reason was one of the original Hungerpain crew a certain Ryan Evans, has opened his own skate/fashion shop.
The shop itself is pretty epic, nice and cleanly laid out, with a nice smoothie bar downstairs run by his better half.  Being a local in Maidstone, who hasnt lived there in around 10 years I wasnt actually sure what the Skate scene would be like, but my mistake as Maidstone seems to be going off right now.
Me and Evo giving away an Alien deck..
One of the things with Pop Now is that its perfectly located to take advantage of having the run of pretty much Essex all the way to Brighton, so the whole of the South East without a legit skate or snow store.  So far there arent plans for Snow but you never know…  So with that in mind, I heard kids coming in saying “this is the first proper skate shop i have been too its amazing” and “today is the first time I will see a real skate event” they were so stoked, it was so good to see.  The guys from Miniramps uk brought in the hardware, well and some muscle to show to the various looking “females” on display in Maidstone.   
The Muscle….
 The female scene in Maidstone seems to have moved in different directions now, there are a few good very looking ladies, a bunch who are mutton dressed as lamb, and a whole groundswell you wouldnt touch with a bargepole.   
 There was a girl in the contest actually, she would have won if she hadnt left early..

The skate event was pretty amazing, with some sick riding, I infact seemed to be able to MC Skate contests quite ok, which was a relief, as I just focused on getting kids involved, and making people laugh.  We also had a death match with 12 skaters dropping at once and a simple rule of last one standing wins…
This dude won best trick! He killed it at 8 years old!  He obviously saw the muscle dudes taking their shirts of so he joined in..
I had seemingly drunk my own bodyweight in beer come 11.30 and was dealing with a cold, so pulled the emergency exit button, and Poppa Weaver pulled me out of there.  It was great to see some good friends from Chatham dryslope, Ruparelia, Chatt, Sam Nelson and James bryant also rolled into town so it was great to see everyone.  Of course Big Tony Burrel was in the house too so we suck a couple of beers together.  Nice Bloke.

A very busy but very Happy Ryan Evans…
All in all pretty epic event, good location and the shop is looking amazing, everyone is very proud of one of the boys getting it done, and so lets hope this is the first of many for Ryan.

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