Renovations Continue

by The Good Life on August 2, 2009

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So then, there has been a lack of updates in recent weeks on this Blog, well, that is due to a)me having a new job b) me renovating an appartment

Both are good things, and great as it is keeping me super busy, which I like.  I have also started running before which is pretty sweet, as you hit work ready to go.
So then, the appartment is moving along quite nicely thanks to the man Eli, who has been doing a great job.  So far we have taken down all the walls, we then put up the new supports, and then Tom Kingsnorth of Transform Gloves fame rolled in and took out all the trash, he did a killer job.

So we then put up the new walls, and then soon after Stefan the Electrician came in and did his work.  There is now light switches, plugs and even TV access in both bedrooms.  This is going to be some futuristic appartment.  I am also the first person who will have an outside light on the balcony for those nice after riding radlers, which taste so good here after a good day.
There will be glass coming where there is spaces left apart from the doors, which will have glass above them aswell, to let the light in.
Danke und expect updates from the states this week, as I visit Burlington…
incidently check out the Method article on Transform.
Look at the guy who tried to hate on Tom, and checkout the replies from people including me, which basically schooled him and told him not to get excited.  Small hands syndrome.

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