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by The Good Life on August 7, 2009

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So then, on Monday Morning me and Marian jetted in to Burlington Vermont.  Thankfully we got upgraded to an amazing business class service, with full lay down beds, a chef service, loads of booze, your own 17″ screen…. it was off the hook.

We then stayed a night in Stowe before heading up to Killington for the Summer Sales meeting.  It was a huge house (well 2 infact) but 24 people in each, all fully loaded with beer, and a lot of meat.  Oh the meat,  we had infact 3 bbqs, tacos with meat, cold meat….. phew….
We had some great brainstorms and meetings, watched the new movie which by the way will blow minds, is on the way to being a classic.  The US reps are all super nice, and full of ideas, even if they are a bit non plus to whats up in Europe…. “do you have iphones in Europe?infact do you even have Apple in Europe? no, of course not….. but yeah it was amazing to bounce ideas around…
So then, there is so many dogs in the office.  They are super nice, and this beauty is called Oprah Winfred.  
Love it.

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