When the freaks come out…

by The Good Life on August 27, 2009

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Maybe thats too harsh, but hanging round Tom Kingsnorth www.kingsnorthsblurbs.blogspot.com makes a man like that after a while.  Anyways yeah, we where spending a nice long sunday by the beautiful Aschau, some skating, some sunbathing, and some swimming all watered down with radlers… So firstly after some drama on the trampoline on the water and bouncing around a kiddie seemed to have knocked a tooth out…. Well thats besides the point, but we saw these two “dudes” shredding the skate park.  The first is infact Kingsnorths idol, and the second is him in a few years…. 
Epic skate set up, all in one purple number with some jesus boots and a deck from the turn of the 80s…..  This guy was getting ready for some serious action…

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