Appartment Update

by The Good Life on September 8, 2009

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Last week, I had probably one of the hardest evenings of work scraping lino adhesive off the floor, and stripping yet more wall paper.  Anyways, much like in Football where I play as the sweeper basically taking out all the unwanted stuff, the same can be said of my appartment.  I am the person who is there to take out the rubbish, wall paper, knock something down, etc etc its probably for the best anyway, and leave the technical stuff to the electrician, and the one man show that is Eli.  

So since we last spoke, Stefan the plasterer has moved in and done his work, Stefan the electrician has also been in a couple of times, and then me and Eli moved in and fixed the floor.  I then picked up the doors and the new interior windows will be along later this week.

By the way.  We won at football last night in Lanersbach!

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