Appartment Update 3.0

by The Good Life on September 24, 2009

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Thats what all cool people do nowadays huh? .0 Nike 6.0 Drunken Masters 2.0 I am now I suppose not 30 but Jon Weaver version 3.0 sounds better anyway.

So then, the appartment has taken some steps onwards thanks to 2 people.
Firstly Eli the worlds best builder/handyman/photographer/nice bloke/radler drinker and secondly my dad who came over with his paintbrushes tucked in his suitcase. After some customs trouble they believed he was painting and not just gone mad or something. So Mr Weaver version 1.0 i.e. dad came with some serious plans about a changing rooms style make over and after a bit of confusion about Austrian skimming standards and paint brushes and techniques he pretty much got his wish.
Within a week or so, the floors have gone in, the doors, that was 83% all me, and the glass well that was probably 12% me, but everything has been a team effort and we have painted the whole place top to bottom including ceiling a good 4 times and used 50 litres of paint on 50m2 so thats roughly 1 litre per square metre…. I know. Dont ask…
The Mrs with the doors and windows in.
Then on Tuesday the scheduled kitchen arrived and within minutes (thank you Tom Kingsnorth) they were gone again and all was delivered. Then seconds later the jiggaphone rings, and it was the kitchen fitters, so next thing you know, 36 later, we have a kitchen. Now check this out…. Place looks like fit for a king…

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped me get this far!!! Its more than 2 people….

Eli – Your the man, no question, 100% couldnt of got it like this without you
Dad – Thank you for the help painting, cleaning and getting it where it is now
Mareike – For always helping me on everything with it, from ideas to putting stools togethers and being an understanding lady!
Tom Kingsnorth – Your a good dude. I will get you that Analog shirt sometime. Busy right now though. Thanks seriously for everything
Stefan the Electrician – Nice work
Stefan the Plasterer – Thanks for the nice job, although we were finding the painting on that surface hard going at times
Peter West – For the great ideas on the kitchen
Mum and Dad for the support as always on these things
Malene at Ikea. You rule.
Have a great weekend, and I will be on from 19:00 from

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