Busy Times

by The Good Life on September 24, 2009

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Well well well, since we last spoke, or well since I got attacked by a jellyfish things have been crazy. THC the toriler hobby club have played a few times, and won, which is nice change from my team in Innsbruck, and work has gone from busy to manic as we are launching our Houseparties Premiere, and this weekend we launch our Chillydog Tour, on top of all this Mr Weaver the senior visited to help the Junior, and we continued with the new appartment. I have had to resort to 6.30am wake up calls to fit in time for running….

Anyways, with all this work, office life has been fairly interesting with new projects and a new dog. Now in ours we have Rocky the mellow Husky, then we have Luna, probably the sweetest dog in the whole company who just looks longingly all the time, and then now Lisa has got her Sanjay…. Check out this cutey…


Happiness is a ciger called….

Luna and Sanjay play fighting

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