Italy Road Trip!!!!

by The Good Life on September 8, 2009

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Jiggaman tucked in hoping for a mini Barrel.  The new Channel Islands Biscuit is off the hook!
This ladies and gents is only 4 and a half hours drive from Innsbruck.  Awesome.  This is Levanto.
Last week, despite every day at the office being busy as can be, and every evening full with wallpaper, floors we got through by constant reminders from Caro that there was Swell coming to Italy this weekend.  So Thursday night me and the Good Lady Mareike packed up the Mondeo and soon as work was done on Friday we were outta there…..

The weather as we left was pretty much 11 degrees and raining.  To make matters worse the Brenner pass was closed for 2 hours earlier so there were some delays, and so it took around 6 hours.  

Cyril, brew in hand.
A beautiful sight.. Thanks to the Olympus.

Never the less we stopped on the way for some brews ready for when we pulled in.  Upon said pulling in we saw some pretty decent waves crashing in.  Pretty stoked.  Caro and Cyril our travel buddies for this journey also rolled in at the same time, and we were all pretty excited.  Those guys are a bit more hardened at the ways of the street camping, wheras me and mrs jigganator are fairly new, anyways we got stuck in and made ourselves up a bed in the back of the Mondeo.  After 15 minutes of me not being able to operate the electric pump for the air bed Mareike did the female thing and read the instructions then all my man like problems were solved.  
The next morning, we awoke to Cyril standing outside our car like some kind of public nuissance, but he was just excited for the waves…  and who can blame him check out how beautiful this place is…
In Italy?  Medditaranen?  Yes on both counts

We went surfing 3 times during the day, the morning and the evening was great, however the lunchtime surf was a little tricky due to all the Jellyfish in the water.  Me and Cyril both got stuck, but Caro remembered to bring a wetsuit.  Next time.  They were everywhere and I kept getting pretty worried about duck diving into one.    The waves were good, pretty much no wind, some heavy sets though, but lots of nice peeling waves.  Great fun, and warm water which made for a great day!

Thats the new board again.  Which is epic.

The lady in the water.
Me and the Mrs after some good breakfast and coffee.  Hands up who loves Italy?
This guy was a legend.  Rolling round town on his bike just loving a Saturday in the sun.  He told us about a party that evening.
So come the evening, we headed off from the beach for dinner, and got, well, sidetracked into cocktails and dreams at a nice place.  That blurred into us finding some dinner which seemed to become us all dancing on a beachside disco and Mareike seemed to find her calling as the music was all the bangers for our dancer.
Check the difference.  Saturday with waves.

Sunday like normal again.

That was it on Sunday at 3pm.  30 degrees and calm.  Beautiful.  On the way home, the weather dropped to 7 degrees at Brennerpass.  Unreal who different it is just a few hours away.

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