A new King?

by The Good Life on October 22, 2009

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Well maybe not, but after scoring his second goal in two games, Craig Beattie, Swanseas record signing has done himself no harm in pushing himself into the position of first choice striker.

Previously rated as overweight, slow, and lazy, he sounds a perfect replacement for arguably one of Swanseas most loved and hated strikers Jason Scotland. He was definitely one who scored 50 goals in 2 seasons, a record not many have broken.

Either way. This man is the new king. His defence is solid, his dress sense sharper than a razor and well…. his mrs is pretty tidy too.

Whilst in this picture we see a legend. Loved by all those who have met him, seen him play and watched him on Soccer Am

The other bloke, is still well, a Spanish waiter, and a judas.

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