Apartment Again

by The Good Life on October 8, 2009

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Well lets start with the obligatory apology for the lack of posts. Thats because my life in the last 4 weeks has been run by a. working on the house parties for forum b. working on the chillydog tour (video to come) c. working on the house and d. well more working really.

Anyways, as a kind of Oasis away from work the appartment is coming along well, and now I honestly have trouble believing its the same place. The interior is taking shape thanks to the good lady Mareike who when it comes to that stuff is on top of her game. She knows whats needed, even though I begrudge letting her know that.

We have also managed to procure an Xbox, paid for in euros yes, not blagged. and a big screen tv. The bedrooms thanks to Ikea are also taking shape, and at this point thanks need to be given to Ikea for their returns policy. If you dont like somethings colour, shape or well whatever, they will give you your money or a credit note. Great for those who make decisions whilst shopping very badly. Times in Ikea can vary between painful and uncomfortable at the best of times, although it is one of the best shops in the world. Everything is in stock, people are helpful to a non Diallect speaker, and prices in comparison to other places are decent…..
Enough talk, heres the pictures!

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