Stubai Opening

by The Good Life on October 25, 2009

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What a weekend!
This weekend, I hosted the Stubai Glacier Opening, a new event, which if this weekend is anything to go by, will be a must have in your diary kind of event. Amazing snow, great weather, fantastic accommodation and some pretty epic parties, it was all in all a great time.
Mareike came along aswell to lend some support, and get her shred on, on this sick custom v rocker with pink base….! She ended up shredding pow pow all saturday and dancing the night away with me 🙂
We got an amazing appartment after a few over bookings luckily we couldnt stay in the “kuhlstall” we were allocated and moved to a beautiful appartment with wellness, sauna and Toby Hammer und freundin so it was a great spot.
The demos were cool, with lots of people shredding and there was a Volcom Shop Battle and Skull candy cash for tricks events which I hosted. The riding level was pretty good, and it was great to see so many new younger faces riding.
So then, you only come on here for the pictures so here we go 🙂
Getting it done on the mic. I also introduced the now legendary drunken masters who played a great party. There was even a pool party at the same time downstairs…
Me looking very white, and the Mrs Jiggaman looking very gorgeous as always.

Peter Konig was in the house, and doing what he does, which is frontflips, and propose interesting outerwear combinations, with the circa prime time stripes and some 3 year old revolver pants in XXL. He is a trend setter in Fugen allegedly.
Also in the mixer was the great chaps from Pleasure. These guys held a “stammtisch” with traditional austrian food and beer all free for us, so danke fur das! They are also in possesion of some very out there outerwear selections too. If its tight, bright or different these guys are wearing it. Airblaster, womens pants and 32 seem to be their current choice of brands.

Dont believe me? Check out Said Burg the photographer/terrorist in waiting/bin man (check the orange pants above)
Or Mugl. Now this guy is way ahead of fashion, with this Airblaster poncho and these gloves which he has had since he was 15, Mugl is setting trends the isenseven fanclub can only dream about.
Now when it comes to living and breathing a passion, Forum super rep, Daniel Troscher is doing it. Well known as Batman and for regularly doing demos on only an hour or two sleep, Daniel is Mr Scallywag. He was representing as always.
This guy was also living the dream. Some kind of bleached hair mixed with an earing is a big look.
This one is for my dad…. There is a plane in there…
Sodala, bis spater…..

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