A Night in Innsbruck

by The Good Life on November 19, 2009

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After work on Wednesday with the Burton sales meeting in full effect up in Igls, I joined the spin crew, and the Gravalog homies back from exile in South West France for some gluewein, food, few drinks and a lot of banter.
This is the dream team. Definitely the hardest working reps out there doing events, demos, clinics I present you Ferg, Lizzie, Clair and of course the machine Crichton. He could sell sand to Eygyptians, and snow to an Eskimo.
He used to sell phones, but decided to go down the route of selling slip on skate shoes, and is all the happier for it. We salute you Dan.

This was me getting arty. As you can see Art was never my strong point. Long Exposure is my limit.

This effect I like to call Long Exposure, plus shake.
This is the position Dan assumes after a couple of cheeky ones, or after Snowboarding. He enjoys both more than anything else, and represents everything that is great with British Snowboarding.

Make sure to check out Dan after a Gravis party at a boardtest when he gets on the mic. Makes Dizzie Rascal look tame….

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