Air and Style 2009 Innsbruck

by The Good Life on November 19, 2009

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A few weeks ago I got word from the powers that be, that there might be a chance to get involved on the mic at Air and Style this year, and after some meetings, emails and hopeful days, I got word that I will be speaker at Air and Style alongside Alex Schwan. To make it even better, my usual role of webcast presenter has been taken by none other than other half of the banterbox crew, Mr Henry Jackson. We are both so stoked on being given this chance and are determined to shine throughout. Air and Style has been a high point since our first year in Austria, around 2000, and so to be involved like this is insane.

I knew I would make Air and Style one day. Shame it was never for my riding, but this will be more than amazing, getting those 12,000 people up and screaming, with some good friends riding in the event, this is going to be something special… I will put the link on the blog for you to watch Henry do the webcast.
To give you a quick idea of what to expect this was last year….. SOOOOOO STOKED!!!!

To get warmed up I am hosting this on Saturday at Burton, so come down..

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