Congratulations (A friday in Innsbruck))

by The Good Life on November 22, 2009

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So after a busy week at work which concluded with packing the Chillydog wagon up and sending off a rep to a demo in Kaunertal, it was time to put my feet up for a couple of hours and head to Mr Prendis house in nearby Zirl. Thanks to him and the lovely Mrs Prendi (Richards better half) we got an invite to stay over for the night, so we had some after work radlers before heading out for a bite to eat and then the isenseven premiere and Alice in Videoland show in the Max.
The Isen film is good as you would expect with lots of funny germans and Norweigans
spinning, jibbing, bonking and making you want to go snowboarding which so far seems a better attempt than many other companies who have made films that make you wanna curl up and fall asleep on your sofa.

Despite being Germans the Blume twins, (or 1 egg sisters as it is translated) really know whats up in the food stakes and on a hangover will ditch traditional bavarian fare for a greasy spooon everyday of the week. Well done madchens!

That night somehow I ended up somewhat drunken by the end of proceedings which led to a small hangover on Saturday which in combination with the Burton Rail Jam was going to be the perfect recipe so Me and Rich jumped in the jigga wagon and like all men as the hunter-gatherers do, headed out to kill some livestock (well go to the MPreis and buy some prepacked) so we could make an austrian style makeshift Fry Up.

Prendi getting it done for the men in the kuchen

So it turns out that the beautiful couple have now been Married for 1 whole year. 365 days of apparent pure harmony and bliss! From everyone (well me and the mrs jigga) at The Good Life we would like to wish them a very happy Anniversary! Many more to come.

This is Rachel and Richard! The Happy Couple

This is the end part of the isen movie, which reflects the last 10 years in Snowboarding and the movies they have made. Look for a very young Alex Rieger and Marco Smolla.

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