by The Good Life on November 3, 2009

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I posted on facebook at the weekend about Torstein Horgmo, and got a lot of reaction to it, so wanted to just put it down here whats up. So Sunday we were shredding and he was up and hitting the icy kickers, he even continued hitting them when the shade came along and was trying double backside rodeo 10. He was landing feet first on some but taking some slams too.

That is so impressive to see someone just wanting to be the best and doing whatever it takes to make it.
Also on a sidenote, I said to him how stoked I and well the whole crew is on his part, and he was like “oh no way, thats so sick you told me, thanks a lot that means a lot to hear people like it” I have seen over the last few years that you seem to have people like myself who want to just shred, call them weekend warriors then you can kinda have this middle rider who is sponsored who is also cool, as they know they are lucky to be in that position. Then you have the rider just above who is just arrogant and stuff, you know the kind i mean, who think they are way better than they actually are but then above that you have people who are really professional like Torstein who know exactly how much hard work and fortune goes into being a pro, and he is thankful that he is where he is. JP walker was much the same, super grateful and surprisingly down to earth. I guess its after back in the day in the scene, the guys at the top are a nice change.
Then to round off, I know everyday these guys go to the gym, get massages, chill, and get ready for the next day and in the long term the whole long hard winter, and thats something that many of the over partying younger shreds should take notice of. Its not all just drinking and cigarettes….
Anyways to celebrate the norse god, check out whitelines interview with him or this part from black winter….

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