Kissy Sell Out

by The Good Life on November 11, 2009

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After working on the appartment on Sunday, through my hangover from the lovely wine filled dinner me and the mrs had, and the smell of the paint for the bathroom, which was pretty heady, I managed to find some new music thanks to the building machine no.2 Rich Hooks. Kissy Sell Out has a radio show every Thursday night/Friday morning when he plays 2 hours of “jump up rock and rave” which is pretty sweet.

Click here to listen to the shows
or check out his blog at where you can also find loads of podcasts and music to listen too

Whilst on the subject of music 2 songs for you…
One is from a mix kissy did of rod stewart. Could you call a video this nowadays???

and the other features an amazing guitarist… and Dizzie Rascal, one of the best entertainers around…

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