Afterparty Air and Style

by The Good Life on December 9, 2009

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After a great event, we needed an even better after party. Therefore we kicked things off with a free Chillydog for each person at the party then we flew in the Finnish machine Joni Malmi, who did a great two hour set from 11-1pm.
Drunken Masters took to the stage soon after and as you can expect The weekender went off, it was a crazy night with so many people packed in. It was so nice aswell, I got so many nice comments about MCing the Air and Style so i was really happy. As always the drunken masters did a great job, and showed everyone why they are one of the favourite DJ crews right now..

Joni Malmi mid “hey you freaks get up and start dancing” ha ha

Kevin Keller is thinking about moving deeper into the European Party Scene. Smoky, drunk kids, loud music, sounds horrible right? Our target audience loves it 🙂

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