Air and Style 2009 Innsbruck – MC

by The Good Life on December 9, 2009

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Without doubt, this has been the biggest event I was ever part of with so much planning, meetings and a whole lot of in ear commands.

The whole team at Air and Style is super proffesional, and knows exactly whats up. 12,000 people, all with an amazing voice for partying, the guys behind the scenes work super hard and do a great job.

Everyone kept saying “are you nervous” but honestly I didnt feel nervous, instead just a few anxious moments because of all the pre planning as I didnt want to make any mistakes, but as soon as we got it going it worked great. The Air and Style is such an amazing event, and one unlike any other in the whole world. Kevin Keller couldnt believe how good it was….

Thats how it looks on stage behind the Hives….. Amazing

The Air and Style is so prestigous and it was such a pleasure to work on this legendary event. I have been there screaming for riders, drinking in the crowd and now to be presenting it was amazing.

Its crazy, when your on stage and you say “are you ready to party!!!!!????!!!!!” The crowd make so much noise you can feel it shake you…

Me and Alex the other MC

Stoked People, watching the Hives who did an amazing show…
Filling it up…

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