Air and Style warm up

by The Good Life on December 9, 2009

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Sorry for the delay in updates but the last few days has been more than hectic…. Anyways lets put some order into the last week then…
Of Course the last week has been dominated by Air and Style….. Anyone wanna drop in?
So then for the warm up of air and style, you get to go backstage as it were for the first couple of days, and get to watch the riders warm up… Saw some pretty epic riding, and some heavy falls, especially from Seb Touts.
Peter Konig in the house…
Gjermund Braaten slayed the jump while everyone else was still super mellow.
After the warm up, we also headed into Innsbruck for some serious christkindl market action with Ethan, Kevin, Joni, Andreas and Marion for some Gliewein and one of the best dinners ever with a hot stone pierrade, where we ate steak, chicken and even some kangaroo…. That is good living right there.
Norways most beautiful couple Andreas and Marion enjoying some gluewein. They are pretty much the scandanavian equivalent of me and the mrs Jigga…

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