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by The Good Life on December 11, 2009

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So upon arriving in LAX i was picked up by the people making it happen over on the westcoast, Kevin Keller and Uncle Bryan Knox. We headed straight down town LA, next to the staples centre for some dinner, and to hassle parking attendants, Kevin and Bryan are pretty good at having a very dry sense of humour which seems to suit LA just fine.

Christmas is coming….
We were in town to visit a show from Ian Ruhter, Forum Staff photographer who in summer months spends time on a vareity of stuff including this project, “enabled” about action sports athletes who have some form of disability. I have read about the snowboarder Amy Purd, who competed at X games, and there was a whole lot of inspirational stories from people just like here, and so we had a look around, I bought a glass of pretty great $3 red wine, and checked the pictures and met some of the people on hand.
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Ian Ruhter
They specially designed the place that day with the chain mail fencing.
Backflip on a wheel chair? Thats whats up……
We met Eddie Wall aswell, I have met eddie a bunch but I guess he thought i was someone else, as he was like “damn last time i saw you we partied all night at the roosevelt” ha ha, as I have never been there. Dont drink and smoke cigs kids, thats what happens ha ha
The next morning this was the view from my balcony at Bryans house, so stoked on his place, and yes being california it was sunny.

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