Speak Welsh?

by The Good Life on December 25, 2009

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For those of you interested in how to speak the language of the valleys, please start training with the sentence below. Thats how they speak in parts of Wales, although many people now speak English with a welsh dialect….
“uhh theres lovely mun” would mean something like “oh how nice that is my friend”

We visited a lovely little curry place in Ammanford, no smoking here, looks like Austria is still holding out as the last man standing in the smoking war.

After getting home from Wales we nipped into Maidstone, for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Reccession? What Recession? The town centre was over run with people, eager to buy some more stuff they dont need. If only they would wait until Boxing Day it will all be half price! Boxing Day! Swansea away to Reading! 3000 screaming swansea fans! Cant wait!

There was also many pikeys/chavs/gypos around Maidstone. They wear addidas tracksuit pants, gloves and some reeboks. They talk like they should be shot. They talk like they want to live in London, but dont have any of that nice Cockney Banter. I have a great book about Cockney Rhyming slang now aswell…

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