Swansea Till I Die

by The Good Life on December 26, 2009

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With Boxing Day always comes two things in the UK a) shopping – the shops were open at 7am this morning and b) Football! There was a full calender today so we saw today on the Motorway fans of Swindon and West Ham but of course we were headed for west of London, and Reading.
The Swans fans were in good voice, and with good humour as always!
In the crowd I saw
10 + Santa Claus
4 x Sombreros
2 x Batman
1 x Robin
1 x Fred Flintstone
1 x Marshmallow man
You can see Batman there, and a Santa Claus

The Madjedski stadium

I dont know what this bloke came as. Some kinda of Jordan/Jade gone wrong kind of thing 🙂

The difference in the game was surely we need to counter attack more, and have a better striker…. Come back Jason Scotland!! Gorka, why couldnt you do that in the game?

What a day out, I dont half miss football living in Austria… 🙁

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