The Beat Down

by The Good Life on December 15, 2009

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So on Saturday morning after some of the worlds greatest sushi in huntington beach, me Kevin, Danny and Swift jumped in the wagon and headed up to mtn high, just 1.5 hours from the beach.

night before it all went down..
It was rainy, it was cold, it was pretty miserable, but for someone from Europe this place was fun as hell. rails boxes, mini jumps, hips this place has it all, and it was amazing to see and shred for a while. On the down rail i was rolling back the years with frontboards and feeling good. then last run kevin and swift head to the lodge and we go for one more. famous last words.

coming up to the down rail, i went to boardslide it, and not sure exactly but must have just caught an edge getting on, and boom, down i went and slammed onto my arm. It was instant pain but died off pretty quick, and so i thought i had a lucky escape. So i went to check everything was alright and stand up, but my left arm wasnt were it should have been, it was just on the left side of my body and when i wanted to move it using my whole upper arm, nothing happened! time to scream…. So Danny came running up and fended off to over eager medical staff who had dollar signs in their eyes i imagine, and he handed me my left arm, as if it were someone elses. Such a strange feeling.
So we rode down (i rode) to the medical centre where i got bandaged and splinted up in a cardboard box, and politelt refused to visit the local hospital, which was apparently full of gun shot victims, people overdosing, and people i dont need when my arm is hanging off, so without painkillers we headed to the silver lining of newport county and hoag hospital.
I was assured this was the place for me….. and guess what…. it was. the doctors surfed so were healthy looking chaps and the nurses looked like they should be on ER or something. i was assigned nurse brittany. She just kept asking me how much morphine i would like, and so 3 shots later they made me a new splint, so i could fly back to Austria and sent me on my way.
Xrays confirmed the humerous is broken, and we are thinking about framing the “newport county hospital” x rays ha ha.
On my journey home, special love needs to go out to the nice people at Lufthansa. they gave me 2 seats together 1 for me and 1 for my broken wing. Then a very nice possibly gay steward took my bag, got my comfy, fluffed my pillows, gave me toblerone and ensured all was well.
Thank you lufthansa.
Now Nurse Blume is in charge, so i will be a good patient. Thanks already for everything Mareike. You run this town!
The Good Life also has its downsides, oh well….This sticker shows why Jeeynus is the best brand you never bought…

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