The Drifter meets Gavin and Stacey

by The Good Life on December 30, 2009

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The day before my arm decided it should be in two pieces I dropped in on this surf DVD The Drifter featuring Rob Machado, its basiaclly a story of his road trip kind of made for Hollywood, beautifully shot and just makes you happy that you surf. Would I like this film about snowboarding? Maybe not, but as a bit part surfer it feeds everything you could want.
Hit trip takes him to Bali and some nearby islands bringing back some amazing memories, especially of surfing Uluwatu with Ruperelia…

At Christmas back in England, we ate a lot, my mum and sister drank a lot of wine, and we watch some TV. A lot was suspect repeats but there is some new stuff. I think the funniest clip from the Christmas specials (yes it was last years) was this from Gavin and Stacey. Genius….

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