by The Good Life on December 22, 2009

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So straight after coming from the Hospital I flew home on the same flight as Prendi, and then whisked straight across the UK through the travel Chaos to near Swansea in Wales.
We stayed at the recently refurbished Rose Drive which is looking very nice with some great views across the valleys. There is now an upstairs bedroom and a great looking back garden.
Wales, well Ammanford to be precise, is the centre of the worlds christmas light decorations..
Check out these beauties..

How much are there heating bills?

The Christmas lights also double as the easy tan salons…
On the way home, there was chaos on the roads, the whole of the South of England came to a standstill, and our 4 hour journey home, took us about 8 hours. Well done on driving Dad.
This was a picture with some slow shutter speed mid traffic jam.
This is from the Times, a shot from the traffic in London.

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