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by The Good Life on December 27, 2009

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Well regular readers will know that I generally like to focus upon the great things in the world, including friends, family, meine freundin, Swansea, Snowboarding and whatever comes along in between but basically the good life.
Then for Christmas, my Dad or senior Jiggaman as he could be called received a Christmas present from the cats. Long story, but yeah the cats buy him Christmas presents. Anyways, he received this book

Now Britain is a great country. Multi cultural, some of the most beautiful places around, loads to see and do, and always a friendly taxi driver to show you were to go. I love going home. Then after a while when you visit any small shopping area you realise that as the book describes there are problems in the UK. The problems look something like this :

Chavs. Pikeys. Gypos, call them what you will, kids, well young blokes who think wearing addidas pants around town is cool. The funny thing is you only see them around small middle class towns. In London people who can cause trouble look like they are from a designer studio. Not like these muppets. And you think well why do we have to be plagued by these kind of people. Probably dont work, “dont care” about working, or anything infact.
So it begs the question, why do we have parts of soceity like this? I mean there is the whole debate about the Government in the UK becoming a soft touch on benefits and looking after whole families who are “sick” and so have removed the impetus to work. On the radio this week, it said some people on benefits in the UK receive 20,000 pound a year. So in terms of real income you would need a job paying about 30grand a year to earn that much tax free.
Ok so the government is buggering things up. So lets call that exhibit A.
But it goes deeper. Below my friend is exhibit B.
The trusty TV. I watch TV, you watch TV. Everyone does. I love watching Prison Break, Californication, Entourage and football. So in a week probably watch a few hours of specific shows. Back at home though with around a thousand channels, people just end up sitting there, taking in whatever the big networks choose to show you. Which messages they want you to see. The Royle Family, works only because it is so true of many families in the UK. Then that leads to lets call Exhibit B.1
When I got on the plane home yesterday, a couple sat next to me, who both were clutching these magazines. They then read both cover to cover, “oh look what happens in that show” “oh look a story about a girl who was left for dead in a ditch” I mean these magazines are trash, nothing else. They are stories about other peoples lifes, who are famous for doing nothing. I mean look at any magazine like that, and then take a look at the person reading it. Nothing better to do? Than read about what made up fictional characters are doing? Then you have the whole adulation of people who are famous being on X factor or something. These people have no skill, talent or anything, except everyone knows them. Cure Cancer and I doubt as many people would know your name, such is the trash that society in some countries has become.
Lets move on. With Christmas comes shopping. Its nice getting a few goodies for friends and loved ones. I think its a great thing. But then you have how out of hand it gets.
Upon first moving to Austria, the insistance of shops being closed on Sunday used to be a pain especially when you dont have any schnitzel in for the afternoon schnitzel fest. But now I respect them, i mean they have their values, and they want to drink radlers and have a day off. Good on them.
Not in the UK though. Oh no my friend. Christmas Eve shops are open, and in full swing of people just buying everything and anything they can see. I mean ques, and people fighting over stuff. Thanfully Christmas Day is a day when shops are shut so we get some respite, although, I recently heard that Christmas Day is now one of amazon.com busiest ever days for traffic. The people simply go online to fix the craving.
They just seem to want to spend money to prove themselves something…. as below…
So back to the story….. On Boxing Day in the UK. Shops were open early. At 7am infact. I mean, why? Can you not just resist the urge for a day? We even heard on the radio about a bunch of people who qued outside westfield shopping centre at 4am for the sales. And they lived 2 hours away. So they got up at 2am, to go shopping on Christmas evening. You can imagine it now, after the Gavin and Stacey christmas special “come on kevin, we better go to Westfield now, shops open at 7am, better get queing for the bargains” I mean get real. Get a life.
I found this good picture. I think it definitely represents, what most people feel.
Its funny as many writers suggest “you are what you think” or “words become flesh” and that infers that if you want to become a climber, start thinking like one. A builder, start thinking and acting like one.
Dont just try and buy it….
Thanks for reading, I’m off shopping and to try out for Britains got talent, in my addidas tracksuit and reebok trainers….

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