by The Good Life on January 20, 2010

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The Last Couple of weeks have been fairly busy, so updates have been limited but this is just a quick recap from a few days in Davos for the Oneil Evoloution. A pretty sweet event, rider focused with lots of time for warm up, nice rider area with free drink and food, and a good set up. The only thing which detracts is possibly the fact the sun never hits the slopestyle course so its always hard… Its great for the younger riders though and I was super impressed with Jan Scherer and Luka Jeromel.

So we had various guys on the couch with us including Drew Stevenson, and the legend from Slovenia, Marco Grillc. Grillo is probably one of the most down to earth snowboarders you could wish to meet who is always friendly and honestly is such a good guy I couldnt have thought anyone else who should have won the Air and Style.
This picture shows our nice outside Studio. My Mum says she thought this looked “cosy and warm”

This was the grim reality. Minus 6 the whole time and having to warm up my shoes using this environmentally unfriendly machine. It was a constant flow of changing shoes, and gloves for some warmth in between commentary… Quite a shot though thanks to Alexis from Method, for getting the would be cover shot….

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