Easy like Sunday Morning

by The Good Life on January 24, 2010

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So after a busy week, there is nothing quite like a Sunday Morning just reading the paper in bed, well reading it online, and reading about the Swans 1-1 against Middlesborough.

I had a busy day yesterday in Germany, will put up some pictures later but that was a long day, left here at 9am and got home at midnight,…. That was a long one…
I was listening to a football show last week and there was an interview on 606 with Welsh legend John Hartson, who has fought cancer and is now on the road to recovery. A legend around Swansea.
Celtic fans were calling up nearly in tears talking to the big man, and they all said about this goal…

This is what he has come back from….
Keep on the way back big man!
and this is why he was known as a hardman. Kicking one of his team mates square in the jaw!

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