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So straight after Davos, I hitched a lift over to the BEO in Laax, which you can read all about at but yes it was a good event and the highlight was of course the banterbox team taking to the mic to present the whole webcast. We have had some great feedback so far, I am very happy to report which always makes for a great feeling after an event.
My Mum being the general legend that she is, managed to not take screen grabs but instead photograph the screen, and then send me an email with pictures of me and Henry..
So this is the moment we have been dreaming about…Our names up in lights…. well except they spelt my name wrong. Mrs Weaver was straight on the blower to to tell them whats going on and quickly they changed it up.
Working with Henry is always good fun, and we know where each other is going all the time, so 4 days together was pretty damn epic. 3 hours non stop talking sounds easy, and believe me its fun, but afterwards you can kind of get a cool down when your brain just kind of waves the white flag on you. In Laax it wasnt too bad, but after Air and Style I know my head kind of waved the white flag as soon as I introduced the hives and deserted me until around the Tuesday by which time I was in Salt Lake.

The Guys at are amazing, as they really are super proffesional, super good to work with, and they always have your back, if you need a cheeky beer or something. We had ear pieces again which are a god send especially when you need something quickly.
Henry did a great job of the on snow presenting aswell, whilst I held the ship in studio and bantered the associated guests as long as possible.
My new favourite rider is Mikkel Bang purely for style.
The BEO was great but the judging was quite strange, some very odd decisions affected a few of my young guys like Ethan and Luka, which was kind of annoying as those guys had to qualify through the pre qualies and to be knocked out by odd judging, really sucks. Well enough of that, otherwise the event was epic, and Peetu slayed it.
Meanwhile back in the UK, it has snowed a whole lot more than in Austria….
check it out!!!
obviously all pics are copyright of if you need reproduction…

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