Liar, Liar

by The Good Life on January 29, 2010

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So a Prime Minister comes to power, and within his tenure, manages to take us to an illegal war and put the wheels in motion, to put the UK into one of the worst recessions ever known. His labour government have made life better to live if you cant be arsed to work, or claim to be sick. However more worryingly, he took our country to war against Iraq, even though we new that Afganistan was the country responsible for 9-11… Make sense? Its like knowing a dog killed your chickens and going looking for it down a rabbit hole…
Millions protested in 2003, against the war, as they knew were it would lead, and here we are 7 years later with hundreds of young brave men and women at war dying every year because of the decisions this idiot made. Imagine if it were his kids on the front line…
So were is Tony now? Last we saw he was trying to run for European President. I mean, make a cock up this bad fixing a car, and well, you wont be fixing many more cars, but oh no, in his position, he seems to be untouchable.
As you see the whole of London knew what was going on…
However Tony chose to listen to yet another over inflated overly pompus, idealistic idiot, George Bush. Instead of listening to perhaps what those people who elected him in the UK said, or even the UN who he and Bush decided to not listen too.
You see….

I remember when I went to Italy, with my grandparents, and many of my Grandads friends said “hey Jonathan, why dont you join the army?” I have always maintained a simple stance, which is one my grandad confirmed as the best way to think, and funnily enough this was one he said around 9 years ago, funnily enough before this Iraq and Afganistan thing even reared its ugly head.

If someone is invading Britain, then go to war and defend the country for all its worth, but nowadays you will find yourself ending up fighting in the desert somewhere defending another country for a leader who is on his own ideas.
Thats my rant for today.
My thoughts are with all the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq and Afganistan.

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