Man Utd Vs Man City

by The Good Life on January 31, 2010

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On Wednesday Night I headed down to the Win win to watch the derby between Man City and Man Utd, and what a game it was…. To be honest its a bit of a match of who I would prefer to loose normally, Man Utd for their horrible referee badgering techniques or Man City for their Chelsea style spending money on very average players like Joleon Lescott.
Man City didnt really play that well but it must be said Carlos Tevez and Craig Bellamy gave it a right good go. Craig Bellamy did his usual, telling everyone and his mother to F$)£ off throughout the game, and at one point he even got into some crowd trouble…
Taking a corner the dirty Man Utd fans threw some money at him and bottles, good job they didnt throw the money at Darren Fletcher as he would have picked it up, looks like a right gypo.

Of course Craig Bellamy has got some history with fans when he told this fan to “step off the pitch” in a fairly over the top way…
In unrelated football news, it seems that FIFA and world football has gone even more mad, as they have banned Togo from the next African Cup of Nations. To set the scene, they pulled out of this years event, after their bus was shot at killing 3 people including the driver and coaching staff, which is something that everyone can understand, as being in an attack like that must be pretty harrowing.
So from not including video evidence, to banning teams, banning people from standing up at grounds, it seems football is all over the place right now. Too much money, not enough people who actually know what a saturday at the football represents to people around the world.
Lets hope that Togo get let back in and the powers that be see sense.

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