Mountain and Soul

by The Good Life on January 7, 2010

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So last night with me headed away for a few days to Switzerland me, and the good lady schatzi went to a new place for dinner called Mountain and Soul. This place is beautiful let me tell you, absoloutely amazing, next time your in mayrhofen you need to go there…. Check their site at its super nice, and friendly staff, great food and it feels like a special night out going there.
Everything shines. Everything gleams. The people are nice, very nice, the food is great, and the atmosphere is what you would like from such a nice night out.
They have lots of lights built in the wall to make you feel special. Except you feel like your hair is on fire every few minutes when it touches a bulb

This was Mareikes best picture she took last night using the long exposure

Meanwhile this was mine… Nice huh?
Thanks to the Mrs for a lovely day off work yesterday!

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